• Platforms How We Connect Take your brand everywhere

    Our broadcast channels anchor a conversation that's always evolving.  With COZI-TV, station websites, digital out-of-home and mobile, your brand has the spotlight.  Learn More

  • Content How We Connect Influence the conversation

    From marquee events to buzzworthy local trends, NBC Owned Television Stations reflect what’s happening now.  With our trusted, positive voice and high-quality local content, we celebrate our cities.

  • Solutions How We Connect Embrace massroots marketing

    Our massroots marketing approach aligns grassroots strategy with the powerful reach and resources of NBC.  In partnership with advertisers, we create campaigns with deep local impact. 


Featured Capabilities + Platforms

Capabilities + Platforms Details


What Locals Watch

Our 10 broadcast channels are trusted voices in the country's most influential markets.  COZI-TV draws upon a vast library of iconic TV Series and movies from the 1950s to today.  



Where Locals Engage

Our video-rich city websites deliver timely local news, lifestyle and entertainment stories to highly engaged communities.  



Wherever Locals Are

As locals experience the city, NBC is their trusted consultant.  



Digital Out-of-Home

Your Message In Motion

Our digital out-of-home platforms entertain captive audiences.  Customized, place-based messaging reaches them when and where they'll take action.  



Live Events

Where Locals Go

When people gather and the city's buzzing, we're there. Be a presence at noteworthy sporting events, fairs and expos, and relate to the community at its most energized. 


Creative Solutions

How Locals Engage

Our sales marketing and production teams partner with advertisers to make deep local impact.  Massroots marketing aligns grassroots strategy with the powerful reach and resources of NBC.  


Audience Insights

Who Locals Are

NBC Owned Television Stations Advisory Panel gives advertisers access to active and engaged viewers, providing feedback on brand strategy, product development, promotions and more.